Vulcano FIS 6.8 Red Bull Ski Helmet Lindsey Vonn

Product Description

Vulcano FIS 6.8 is the world cup helmet FIS 6.8 certified. FIS 6.8 is the most restrictive safety certification. The Briko “PROTETTO” patented system is an additional ABS shell able to absorb shocks and increase safety. Its position increases shock absorption on the nape area that is the most frequently impacted in case of a fall. During 2014 Vulcano FIS 6.8 had been awarded with an ISPO Award in Ski Helmets category and it had been selected for the ADI INDEX annual publication, competing this way to Compasso d’Oro award selection. The design features the Red Bull Lindsey Vonn Ski Helmet in the Red Bull colors and logo.

 A portion from the sale of this helmet goes to the Lindsey Vonn Foundation. The Lindsey Vonn Foundation is dedicated to empowering the next generation of women to be confident, kind and courageous. The Lindsey Vonn Foundation was founded in 2015 and has put on on many meaningful events to help girls. From fundraisers and scholarships to all-girl summer camps and speaker series events, the LVF is paving the way for girls to express themselves in any field.  


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